[column size=”col-8″ bottom_margin=”true”] [flexslider name=”Bespoke Design”] Please keep in mind when reading through these pages that all projects are different. With every project the working method will be tailored to suit your needs and requirements. The information here is a broad overview of the high levels of detail and quality we work to.
[spacer height=”5px”][read_more_button link=”http://www.weareoni.com/development/”]On to Development[/read_more_button] [/column][column size=”col-4″ bottom_margin=”true” last_column=”true”] [section] [circle_feature title=”Design Routes” link=”#” number=”3″ size=”col-4″ color=”orange”] Moving on from the previous stage of image research and wireframes, we now get to the exciting part of concept design.
We begin this process by presenting you with different design route options based on all of the research up to this point. The design options draw inspiration from the image research passes at the same time as being applied to the structure laid out by the wireframes and grey boxes.
[/circle_feature] [circle_feature title=”Concept Design” link=”#” number=”4″ size=”col-4″ color=”orange”] The chosen design route is selected and through a series or refinement passes we amend and adjust the design until you are 100% satisfied.  If we are working with you on a website or multi-page development, when the selected design is refined we move on to applying the design to all other relevant pages of the site or project. When complete, you will get another opportunity to make adjustments.
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