[column size=”col-8″ bottom_margin=”true”]It makes us sad that so many of our clients come to us saying that their previous experience with design has been a bad one. This is such a shame as the process is so rewarding, not to mention vitally important. In most cases your branding and visual identity represents the image and reputation of your entire company. Driving that forward and watching your business identity evolve and grow into something beautiful can lead to new ideas and approaches you may never have even thought about.

This is why we believe that it is important you are a part of this development from the outset. We create bespoke beautiful designs and have been doing so for many years. So don’t worry, you’re in safe hands and our inspiration and design come from you!

Over the years we have been developing our design methodology and workflow to support the growth of your ideas and input whilst ensuring you get the very best service at every step of the journey. We have a very structured time frame with all our projects, which we ask you to sign off on at the end of every stage. This means that we will never move forward without your approval.

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We being with a series of image-research and mood boards. We refine these with your feedback until we are all on the same page with style and approach. This is an exciting stage because everything is on the table. We encourage you to think as far outside the box as possible and provide us with as many ideas and inspirations as you can come up with.

By working through the refinement process we can ensure that all routes are covered and you are confident and satisfied with the route you settle upon.

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In parallel to this we work with you through the content architecture of either your website or graphic design requirements. Again, through a refining process we help you build the functionality of your project so it works exactly as required.[spacer height=”5px”][read_more_button link=”http://www.weareoni.com/content-development-services/”]Learn More.[/read_more_button] [/circle_feature] [/section] [/column]