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Development applies to our web design work and the process we go through in order to turn the static designs of your website into a fully functional and operating system. This process will vary considerably depending on the exact needs of your website. At ONI Design we specialise in custom systems and interfaces and the time-frame of any project can only be determined after considerable research and discussion. For any system build of this kind please call us to arrange a consultation.

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At ONI our designers and developers work in mediums they love and this leads to innovative and unique ideas. We ensure that everything we do complies with the standards expected of all professional firms. We aim to achieve things not yet seen in design and web based formats.

Through the early stages of planning and wireframing we establish the architecture required so when development begins we build the static designs of your pages around the relevant framework. Once the site is ready for your consideration it will be uploaded to one of our private testing servers where you will be introduced to your new website.

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With a final pass of tweaks and amendments the site is made ready for public launch and handover. On a date of  your choosing the site will go live and all controls will be handed over to you. The site can either be transferred to a host of your choice or you can take advantage of our years free hosting that we offer with all non community or e-commerce based websites.

We have exceptional London-based servers which supply our clients with high-speed access and incredible download rates. For more information on our hosting packages please read on.
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