Over the last 10 years there has been a massive resurgence back towards traditional structural building techniques such as exposed timber framing. For us this is such great news as without doubt building a house from timber is our favorite way to do it. For so many reasons it is a pleasure to work with and the end results are second to none. Warm, inviting and full of character!

By applying a few modern techniques such as cabling and combining with steel, incredibly strong structures can be achieved essentially meaning we are only limited by our imaginations!

So one of the limitations for people on a tighter budget is that the go to choice of Oak can be very expensive! It is a beautiful material and holds much meaning for many people and often the choice to build a timber frame home is a nostalgic one but oak is not the only choice!

An incredibly cost effective option is either Larch or Douglas Fir. Both are fantastic timbers and can provide just as much depth of character as oak. They are versatile, have lovely colour and come in at around a quarter of the price!

If you are interested in what is possible with Douglas Fir, please get in touch! There is so much to talk about.

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